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Automotive Glass
Repair Before Replace
We prioritize sustainable practices by favoring windshield repair over replacement whenever it's safe and feasible. By adhering to BSI standards, we ensure top-notch quality and safety in our repairs. This approach saves up to 44kg CO2e compared to replacements, reducing material usage, transportation emissions, and waste.
Sustainability Journey
Together, We Create Change.
Through the development of a global strategy, meticulously aligned with existing member initiatives and legal frameworks, we're paving the way for transformative change.
AGE E.A.T. - Electric Absorbing Tool
EV Ready
Specialized EV & HEV Glass Replacement
Introducing AGE's Electric Protocol and E.A.T. Device in Collaboration with DuPont, Setting New Standards in Safety, Innovation, and Sustainability.
AGE AI Powered Glass Damage Capture Application 98% accurancy, test it for free
Innovative Solutions
AI Glass Damage Assessment
Check out AGE’s AI applications with just a few clicks on your smartphone

Automotive Glass Experts (AGE)

Automotive Glass Experts (AGE) is a distinguished consortium of specialists in the field of automotive glass services. With over 15 years of experience, they have built a solid reputation as a trusted reference in the industry.

Operating in 24 countries across Europe, North America, Asia,
and Africa, AGE has established a robust global network. This expansive reach allows them to provide high-quality services across borders through collaborative partnerships within their network.

Main Services

Our automotive glass services are delivered by a unique network of AGE member companies that offer customized solutions to meet all your needs.

Our team of specialist glass professionals approaches every repair with precision and expertise, prioritizing safety and quality above all else. Furthermore, our repairs strictly adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by the BSI, ensuring reliability and excellence in every service we offer.

We only use replacement glass from the leading manufacturers for both OEM market and aftermarket and use the highest quality adhesive from the world’s number one chemical company.

Windshield mounted cameras are key to the function of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These cameras require recalibration following a windshield replacement in order to ensure the vehicle’s safety systems continue to work as intended.

Our glass professionals will come to you, wherever you are, to deliver quality automotive glass services.

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Sustainability is a core value that underpins everything we do.

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